Ќе ви се привежба (видео)


Ќе ви се привежба (видео)

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QUARANTINE STAIRS 🍑➕ (Ankle Weights Optional) Feelin cute in @bombshellsportswear this bodysuit is so fun 💁🏻‍♀️ I’m Having some f*cking FANTASTIC home workouts these days but I fear the more social distancing I do, the more weird I’m getting. 👀 Enjoy my intro moves here for a taste of what my husband is dealing with during this time. I’m also a horrible singer, but I won’t put you through that. – ANKLE WEIGHTS ROUTINE 4 sets 1️⃣sumo walks up yo stairs. Just keep repeating for 20 steps 2️⃣tap and raise into a figure 4. Notice that not only is one leg behind me, it is also angled so that when I raise it up, it shapes the number “4” with my legs. With your angled leg, tap behind you (at an angle, so bottom of foot should be facing sideways instead of straight back) then raise your foot, only moving your leg from below your knee. Raise up at that angle to make the number “4”, focus on engaging your hamstring to pull the weight of your leg. These feel great! Repeat on other side 20 reps each leg 3️⃣ step up and kickback, with each step, kickback the other leg with a straight leg. Keep alternating and repeating the stairs until you hit 10 reps each leg. 4️⃣side step up with abduction. With each side step,abduct opposite leg straight out. Do one side for 10 reps and then immediately the other side for 10 reps 5️⃣tip toe calf raises. We are staying on your tippy toes for extra engagement. With every step, stop at the edge of the step so you can get a full range of motion. Begging to come all the way down (securely holding on to rail at same time) and them raise up into a calf raise. Repeat for 20 reps – #quarantine #quarantinelife #homeworkout #homeworkouts #homeexercises #athomeworkouts #athomeworkout #athomefitness #ankleweights #ankleweight

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* * * * Следете не на Фејсбук. * * * * Имаме интересни содржини секој ден, сите не се објавуваат на сајтот!!