Шест оброци кои ги топат масните наслаги


Доколку сметате дека вашиот план на исхрана за слабеење мора да биде рестриктивен, диететичарите докажуваат дека можете да го намалите обемот на струкот, колковите и задникот и без строг режим.
Ако сакате да го припремите вашето тело за претстојното лето или само да ја намалите тежината за неколку килограми, ви откриваме план на исхрана кој мора да го испробате.
Според диететичарката Лин Вард, првата работа која треба да ја направите со цел да ги елиминирате маснотиите е “чиста диета”, односно да бирате природни намирници.
Диететичарката советува да вклучите храна во боја на виножито во својата исхрана и да го следите правилото 80/20 – при што здраво се исхранувате 80 отсто од времето и јадете што ќе посакате 20 отсто од времето.

?? DOUBLE TAP FOR FAT LOSS MEAL DIARIES ??❗SAVE THIS POST ❗I’ve had heaps of DM from my tribe about meal plans for fat loss so here’s a documented version of the food I eat when I’m aiming to shreeedddddd ??? This isn’t me saying this is how everyone should eat – It’s simply me giving you guys an idea of what works for my body ? You’ll notice as I do more & more of these meal plans – I never eat the same thing day in or day out … you’ll see similar trends with my meals but never the exact meal plan replicated day in or day out ?? Variety is key when it comes to fat loss – the body is incredibly smart & will soon adapt to any routine SO shake it up girl friend ? . . ❤ Meal 1: Smashed avo on sourdough + chopped tomato, crumbled feta & a squeeze of lemon. I also had a cup of green tea. . . ? Meal 2:High protein Greek yoghurt with 2 tbsp granola + a coffee ☕ . . ? Meal 3: Salad with tinned tuna, olives, cheese, lettuce, carrot & tomato + black tea with milk (no sugar) . . ? Meal 4: Banana & 12 tamari almonds . . ? Meal 5: Salad with cous cous and vegetable curry with chick peas . . ? Meal 6: Fresh strawberries ? . . ? Fluid: I sip constantly on fruit infused water through the day using my BPA free hydration bottle – link to my amazing bottle is in my bio & yes… I’m shipping worldwide!! ? . . I hope you guys enjoyed the visual representation of my meals ? You’ll see that I never starve myself or restrict my calories too drastically✖ I believe in eating the rainbow, eating a large variety of foods daily & listening to my body ? The 80:20 approach has always been my favourite – If you make the basis of your diet whole foods & eat salads & veggies regularly – then there’s always room for delicious food occasionally too ????? #fatloss #weightloss #shred #mealdiaries #fuelyourbody . . . . . #fooddiary #mealprep #gains #mealdiary #girlsthatsquat #eatforabs #strongnotskinny #weightlossinspiration #eattherainbow #bikini #healthyoptions #mealplan #weightlossfoods #nourishyourbody #eatclean #foodlover #foodprep #calories #foodporn #dietitian #fitnessmotivation

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Исто така, Вард истакнува дека со овие шест оброци кои ги менувате секој ден по ваш избор, можете брзо да забележите позитивни резултати.
Оброк 1: Испасирано авокадо со исецкан домат, изрендана фета и малку сок од лимон и чаша зелен чај.
Оброк 2: Високо протеински грчки јогурт со две лажички гранола и кафе.
Оброк 3: Салата со туна, маслинки, сирење, марула, морков и домат. Црн чај без млеко и шеќер.
Оброк 4: Банана и 12 бадеми.

Оброк 5: Салата со кус-кус и зеленчук со кари и леблебија.
Оброк 6: Свежи јагоди.

? Same girl – same bikini – same day ? I just had the BEST four days in the Whitsundays with my girlfriends but while we were there we discussed body positivity & self love? We all have days where we feel like goddesses then days where we feel like we’re 6 months pregnant ?? Remember: photos are a snapshot of our best moments in time – best lighting, best angle, best pose ? This photo demonstrates the power of standing normally with straight bikini bottoms vs flexing & high waisted bikini bottoms ??‍♀️ Orrrrr…. as I like to call it… beautiful vs beautiful ❤ Both strong, both fit, both worthy, both healthy & both deserving ? Don’t be fooled by all the abs & perfect photos you see on Instagram – it’s only our perfectly edited highlight reel ? Just remember: be YOU, do YOU, love YOU ? . . . . . . . . . #realtalk #reallife #bikini #strength #beauty #girlpower #bikinibabe #fitwomen #gains #realwomen #strongnotskinny #fitgirls #comparison #beautiful #thefitnessdietitian #leanbyleanne

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